The Straussian In A Suit Would Like You To Wake Up (feat. Michael Anton)

Published October 11, 2021 89 Views

In Today's "Moment of Truth," Saurabh sits down with Michael Anton, an American conservative essayist credited with making the argument that got Trump elected and author of "The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return", to discuss the insane divide between coastal elites and middle America, how this crisis came to be from Bush to Obama to Trump, and what can be done to save America from the brink.

Michael Anton is a lecturer and research fellow at Hillsdale College, a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, and a former national security official in the Trump administration. In 2016, under the pseudonym Publius Decius Mus, he wrote The Flight 93 Election, an influential essay in support of Donald Trump’s campaign which was subsequently credited by various media as the one that made the argument that got the President elected.

A senior fellow at the Claremont Institute and a professor at Hillsdale College, a careful student of Leo Strauss by way of tutor Harry V. Jaffa as well as a dedicated scholar of Niccolò Macchiavelli, Anton is considered by many as the leading thinker of the ‘New American Right‘. Because of his willingness to engage with thinkers outside of the Overton window and usually ignored by mainstream conservatives, he’s also one of the most appreciated figures by the online dissident Right.

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