World Economic Forum - By 2030 You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy.

Published October 10, 2021 184 Views

Rumble This video was published on the World Economic Forum's website and it was conveniently removed for some reason. My guess is that they probably got some negative feedback from some of the people whose lives they are planning, like yours and mine.

Someone will own the stuff, how else would you rent it? Who would you pay the rental fee to?

Someone will be able to eat meat when they'd like to, but not us.

Someone will be able to use fossil fuels, but not us.

I can't imagine why anyone would be upset with Klaus Schwab and the fact that he and his NGO are currently taking over the world by force and using the COVID-19 pandemic as the crisis they needed in order to do so.

If you want to understand why they want you to wear masks, why they want you to get vaxxed, why they want you to submit to their will, you really should look into the World Economic Forum because Klaus Schwab has more to do with it than any other human being, imho.

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