Published October 10, 2021 57 Views

Rumble Topics of Discussion

- Inalienable human rights to bodily autonomy, informed consent and your liberties
- Case law precedent which upholds your rights and freedoms
- The power of lobbying and advocacy
- The way forward as a community

Andrea Tokaji was once a trained international human rights lawyer, was admitted to the Supreme Court of the ACT as a Solicitor in 2013, she has worked as a lawyer for the Attorney-General in Canberra, with refugees for the UN and has run her own Human Rights lobbying advocacy education NFP for over six years.

In the last five years, Andrea has turned to legal academia, teaching law at the University level, while completing a PhD in constitutional and human rights law. Andrea is currently the lead legal researcher in the NSW Supreme Court challenge to mandatory vaccinations.

Andrea has a background in ministry, including as a Youth Pastor and Chaplain, and as a refugee child from a Communist country, and is very passionate about protecting the rights and liberties we have here in Australia.