Professor of Medicine warns: Covid Vax is Greater Threat than Covid

1 year ago

Dolores Cahill is a full Professor at the School of Medicine, University College, Dublin Ireland, and she blows the whistle on the covid vax, which she says is the deadliest scam in history. In previous interviews, she explained why there is no scientific support for the covid-19 panic, why the actual threat of death is no more than from seasonal flu, and why standard testing and mask wearing is not effective. In this interview, Dr. Cahill explains why the mRNA injections are extremely dangerous even to the point of being deadly for many people.  They have not been tested for safety. Those who “take the jab” are test subjects. They are playing Russian Roulette to protect themselves from a health threat that is no greater than the seasonal flu. 2021 Jul 8 - Source: Marnos -

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