Episode 321: Completed Federalization of Education, Business and Religion by Quasi-corporatism

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Completed Federalization

Virus mandates, parents as domestic terrorists are all attempts at the Complete Federalization of every aspect of life in these United States. I want you to drop down to Reference number 5, (Anti-Federalist No. 33, Federal Taxation and the Doctrine of Implied Powers (Part II)
(Brutus essay No. VI) - 27 December 1787,) where, although talking about taxation, the level of detail that Brutus writes about is encroachments of government in our time. So Citizens of the various States in the Republic, What is next?

What about ‘health care’? Where is it that service corporations, hospital systems, have greater rights than people that work there or those served by the system? How is it that State governments are codifying, giving these businesses greater rights than the Citizens of the State in violation of a States Constitution Bill of Rights?

What about ‘education’? How is it that the Department of Justice can initiate threats of domestic terrorism against Citizens for those Citizens acting and Constitutionally petitioning to hold the locally elected accountable?

What about ‘religion’? First one must distinguish between what is religion? Environmentalism is religion. Statism is religion. Oh, remember my program ‘Polytheism the Official United States Religion.’ Yet, the actions of Complete Federalization of religion set the determination of what is a ‘religious exemption’ in respect to statist mandates for controlling diseases.

On this program I discuss further this Complete Federalization of America through corporatism.

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