Season 2, Episode 29 - October 7, 2021 - Let's Go Brandon!

Published October 8, 2021 3 Views

Rumble Tonight, on another "Where's Jon?" episode of the show: Facebook whistleblowers, Facebook outages, Twitch gets hacked, some fat guy wants to fight Joe Rogan, Namco-Bandai goes woke, Facebook (again) neuters Resident Evil 4, World of Wokecraft continues its descent into obscurity, Sora makes it to Super Smash Bros, the dreaded Fauci documentary is upon us, Project Veritas shatters the COVID narratives, Playboy denounces super straight males by filling their pages with freaks, Demi Lovato searches for space aliens (really), the Death of James Bond, Zoe Kravitz's ugly Catwoman, Merrick Garland versus Mothers in the fight over the school system, and of course, we're going to have some LET'S GO BRANDON (F*** JOE BIDEN) chants for sure tonight! All this and the school shooting they DON'T want to tell you about!

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