School Board Tyranny in TEXAS! | Guest: Jeremy Story | Ep 522

Published October 7, 2021 610 Views

Rumble Tyranny is crawling quickly and today’s show will highlight the recent increase of “School Board Tyranny.” The latest story comes out of the great state of Texas and parents are waking up. Two men were arrested after, according to the Round Rock ISD, “disputing” a school board meeting. Jeremy Story, father of six and one of the men who was arrested, joins the program. Jeremy was arrested in the middle of the night and held in the Williamson County Jail overnight. This story not only should educate you on what’s happening around the country, but it should OPEN your eyes against big government. The government doesn’t love you and it’s time for us to push back on tyranny, or our kids will be ones who will pay the price. Are you ready to push back? Enough with the 2 + 2 = 5. We need to lead with truth and liberty principles.

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