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Tocilizumab is sold as Actemra is also known as Xeljanz. Between 2010-2016 thousands of complaints were made as to Pfizer about this drug. It was implicated in over 1,100 deaths, and other serious side effects including myocardial infarction, heart and lung diseases and strokes

FDA refused to comment about Acetmra otherwise known also by other names. Acetmra is also known as interleukin. Different names, same product, same risks. This drug is used to treat the immune system.

This is being used by Pfizer to treat COVID-19

Tocilizumab, same drug different name, same risks. A report dated 1st October 2021 Pharmac reported it will widen funded access to this drug to treat moderate to severe COVID19. Those effected by a so called community outbreak have already been treated with this

Andrew Little is in charge of the Government agency Pharmac.
There is a short supply of tocilizumab because of the global demand to treat COVID-19.

There is much not being said about the Pfizer clinical trials that have taken place for this drug known by several different names. Different names, same product, same risks

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