10/21/12 In Order to Live, You Must Die (Archive)

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Rumble Have you accepted Jesus to be born again? Did it work? Be still in the ego pain, lay down your life and forgive.

00:00 Sun, Oct 21, 2012
00:45 Any questions?
01:12 Ego pain
02:33 Been born again?
05:42 Can a sinner enter heaven?
06:28 Women's Forum
07:35 Honesty: Man with a story
12:32 Forgive and forget
16:42 Born again: How you know?
18:23 You accepted Jesus?
21:57 Christians who didn't change
24:09 Promise Keepers, then party
27:48 Are converts sincere?
31:51 JLP: Satan works overtime
36:20 JLP: Go through the pain
41:51 Not taught to be still
43:08 JLP: We can do nothing
44:10 Lay down your life: Forgive
46:56 Pain by believing Satan
50:58 How long? Others must change?
57:45 Be still / End

BOND Archive Sunday Service, October 21, 2012: A man talks about falling back into his ego despite trying to overcome it. Jesse asks the people: Have you been born again? Have you accepted Jesus as Lord? Did it work? Many Christians seem sincere, if caught up in emotions, but never really change. Satan works overtime to keep you distracted from reality. We can do nothing to make salvation happen. You must lay down your life and forgive. You have ego pain by believing Satan in your thoughts. Be still. Suffer as long as it takes. Others don't have to change.

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