Hazards of Mobile-Phone and Wireless Radiation are HUGE

2 years ago

With a PhD in Science, and a Master's in Public Health, Devra Davis served on the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board from 1994 to 1999. She was on the team that investigated the hazard of second-hand cigarette smoke that led to the smoking ban on airplanes. Her book, Disconnect, was selected by Time magazine as a top pick of the year. Dr. Davis says that mobile-phone radiation presents an even greater health risk than second-hand cigarette smoke. This presentation was delivered in 2015, before the roll out of 5G technology, which means the hazards since then have increased exponentially. Even though this presentation does not deal with these additional hazards, realizing what the dangers are with 4G technology gives a sobering preview of what havoc awaits with 5G, which is destined to be much worse. 2015 Dec 2 - Source: University of Melbourne - https://youtu.be/BwyDCHf5iCY/

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