José Niño: U.S. Border Security, Afghan-Haitian Refugees, & Migration as a Weapon of Globalism

Published October 5, 2021
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*Original Air Date: October 1, 2021

Venezuelan-American political operative Jose Niño returns to Geopolitics & Empire to give his take on the U.S. border security situation and mass influx of Afghan refugees and Haitian migrants. He believes migration is being weaponized and serves the globalist ideology of the Biden Administration and Democratic Party as it creates an electoral pipeline and augments the power of the managerial state. It also serves the bipartisan oligarchy that seeks cheap labor. He explains why he thinks an "immigration moratorium" is in order and touches on Florida and Texas policies which he sees as "policy ghettoization" or decentralization, where states are taking matters into their own hands. He also comments on whether he thinks the status quo will remain in Cuba or whether it might "democratize", and the crazy idea of the U.S. absorbing Havana and making it a 51st or 52nd state.

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Show Notes
What Texas's Unilateral Immigration Policy Tells Us about Washington
Florida State Government Files Lawsuit Against the Biden Administration for its Disastrous Immigration Measures
An Additional 20,000 Haitian Migrants May Come to Texas
George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama Collude to Bring in Afghan Refugees by the Thousands
America Needs to Get Serious about Border Security



About José Niño
José Niño has more than a decade of experience as a political operative. He works with major organizations on a host of political issues, from gun rights to foreign policy both as a policy analysist and a copywriter. In addition, he has years of experience writing for various outlets such as, Gunpower Magazine, and the Mises Institute.

José’s articles have also been featured on Business Insider, Infowars, and Zero Hedge. He also appeared on the Tom Woods Show and Dana Loesch’s show Relentless.

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