Shocking News: Pfizer Scientist Say Antibodies Are Better Than The Vaccine

Published October 4, 2021 56 Views

Rumble BREAKING from Project Veritas: Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your Covid Antibodies are Probably Better than the Pfizer Vaccination’

"We’re Like Bred And Taught to be Like “Vaccine is Safer Than Actually Getting Covid.”
“Our Organization is Run on Covid Money Now”

Project Veritas has great informative, undercover journalist. Love them for getting the truth out there.

The public has been brainwashed and allowing Big Pharma to make billions of dollars off them, from the Covid-19 Vaccines.

Hang with me. I am trying my best to get what news I can get out for all of you. I will do my best. So on your part, pass this around, to help you and others keep up with what is going around.

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