'LET'S GO BRANDON'? Reporter COVERS UP Anti-Biden Chant at Race | Ep 876

Published October 4, 2021 1,477 Views

After Brandon Brown won the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Talladega Superspeedway, the crowd begins to do an anti-Joe Biden chant, but the NBC Sports reporter attempted to cover it by saying the crowd is chanting "Let's go, Brandon." Yeah ... that's not what they're saying. Dr. Fauci flip-flops on whether or not we can be with our family during Christmas this year, and ALSO argues for the "greater good of society" so we should "give up" our individual freedom. No thanks! And lastly, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema got harassed by leftist activists while trying to go to the bathroom, yet no one on the Left seems to be outraged by that invasion of privacy.

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