10/03/21 Endure the Ego Pain, Let It Die, and Live (Church)

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Rumble Human nature sinks low without God. Speak up! Endure the ego pain; don't listen to thoughts. Do you have a heart of stone or love?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 3, 2021: After a couple of people talk about dealing with family, Jesse reflects on human nature sinking without God. In the olden days, black Americans did not consider stealing on-camera with no shame. Now white Americans are falling for leaders and similar mess. Do you speak up? // Feel the ego pain, and endure it quietly, whether it's over a girlfriend or whatever. Stop listening to the thoughts — all thoughts are all lies, all the time! //

We answer the Biblical Question: Do you have a heart of stone or a heart of love? New Biblical Question: Do you walk in the spirit?

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0:00:00 Pre-Church talk
0:02:35 Welcome to Church
0:03:16 Opening Q's, input
0:13:21 Human nature
0:23:12 Do you speak up?
0:27:14 Truth with perfect love
0:36:19 Feel the ego pain
0:42:00 White people
0:46:48 Christianity fading
0:52:09 Man feeling the pain
1:03:00 Pain over girlfriend
1:11:41 Count it all joy
1:13:03 Stop listening to the lie
1:19:26 Deal with the little things
1:26:12 What Jesus did
1:28:36 Govt wants blacks worse
1:31:55 BQ: Stone or love?
1:39:03 BQ Answered
1:40:26 New BQ
1:43:21 Closing / Announcements

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