End Times Dates - Take It To The Lord In Prayer Pt 8: Is This God's Answer To The Mark Of The Beast?

2 years ago


End Times Dates - Take It To The Lord In Prayer Part 8: Is This God's Answer To The Mark Of The Beast?

This video was originally produced and published in December, 2020. Following up closely with Part 4 of the series, Doug drills-down further into Ron Wyatt's discovery in 1980 of the Ark of the Covenant directly beneath the cross hole where Jesus was crucified. Researcher Kevin Fisher and his website play a pertinent role in revealing what might just be in-store for us - from God's perspective - when the Mark of the Beast law is enforced which, for all intents and purposes will likely be very soon. The CV-19 vaccine scenario has been scientifically proven to meet that description via Anthony and Kathleen Patch's research. The opening of the Sixth Seal may be sooner than we would all like to admit. This episode will encourage you if you are worried about where the globalists are taking us as fast as they can: to a One World order. But God will have a counter-narrative to the Mark of the Beast law, so all can decide who's team they will play for: His - or Satan's.

PLAYLIST OF ALL EPISODES: http://www.takeittothelordinprayer.com

Revelation Timeline graphic (Original timeline by The Fuel Project + Dates Added by The Diamond Report, based on www.2028end.com) - https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aku-IsIoYig4q0ItEHpbVEjZoOkP (Click VIEW ORIGINAL for full-size)


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Ark Files - http://www.arkfiles.net

Biologos - https://statement.biologos.org/

Anthony Patch - http://www.anthonypatch.com (CERN, A.I., Mark Of The Beast System)
Support Anthony's Research: http://www.subscribestar.com/anthony-patch

"Project Rooftop" Paper (FREE DOWNLOAD) - https://www.anthonypatch.com/patreon/AnthonyPatch-ProjectRooftop.pdf

Anthony Patch - "Project Rooftop: The Mark Of The Beast" 9/15/20 - https://www.bitchute.com/video/yXVehFHPKpWn/

The Fuel Project - http://www.thefuelproject.org

The Book of Revelation guide playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0f6_epwixV5fGUp87rwkvafcI8gwS9Im

Gabriel Ansley Erb - http://www.2028end.com

"2028 End Of The World Seminar" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YtG0etke28&list=PLcBDgtzZDmmYoKpSiGD94oF5fdX7Mc0mu

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