End Times Dates - Take It To The Lord In Prayer Part 7: The MOTB: Lucif Erase & The Strong Delusion

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End Times Dates - Take It To The Lord In Prayer Part 7: The Mark Of The Beast: Lucif Erase & The Strong Delusion

This video was originally produced and published in September, 2020. This episode closely follows Part 6, so it's really important to see both of them if possible. In it, Doug has some more clips of Anthony Patch where he explains the CDC "Playbook" on the rollout of the CV-19 vaccine, the importance of the "cold chain" for the hypodermic version - and how it's really impractical to vaccinate the entire world's population - however, if the delivery system is the quantum-dot micro-needle array vaccine patch, that can be administered much easier. The final picture of exactly what the biblical mark of the beast is, really comes into focus in this episode. Doug also explains how not only the ability to "buy and sell" will be tied to it, but many other things as well such as the ability to travel, a hack-proof digital ID, and even debt forgiveness. This is another "don't miss" episode if you want to understand what will be unfolding in the very near term.

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