End Times Dates - Take It To The Lord In Prayer Part 6: The Anti-Christ & One World Singularity

2 years ago


End Times Dates - Take It To The Lord In Prayer Part 6: The Anti-Christ & The Coming One World Singularity

This video was originally produced and published in September, 2020. In this episode, Doug intersperses video clips from researcher Anthony Patch with thoughts of his own about when the revealing of the biblical antichrist will more than likely occur - during 2021 - because the world stage is clearly being set for him now. Doug also talks about the importance of the year 1947 (he had brought that up in Part 5) as well as the concept of Hollow Earth versus Flat Earth and asks the question, who is the King of the World and did Admiral Byrd meet him in 1947 on a trip to inner earth? Finally, Doug does some deep analysis on what he felt the Lord gave him about the coming antichrist in 2021 revealed in, of all things, a professional hockey game nine full months earlier. In order to make sense of it all, we suggest simply watching it and most definitely take it to the Lord in prayer.

PLAYLIST OF ALL EPISODES: http://www.takeittothelordinprayer.com

Revelation Timeline graphic (Original timeline by The Fuel Project + Dates Added by The Diamond Report, based on www.2028end.com) - https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aku-IsIoYig4q0ItEHpbVEjZoOkP (Click VIEW ORIGINAL for full-size)


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