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Super Intergalactic Wrestling TV - "War Games" - November 5, 2021

Super Intergalactic Wrestling TV
November 5, 2021
"War Games"

MGM Grand
Las Vegas, Nevada

It all comes down to this. #1 contender to the SIW World Heavyweight Championship Adam Cole and his Undisputed Era have been warring with SIW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair and his Horsemen over the last few weeks. This week, the feud gets settled with War Games! Plus more in-ring action from the superstars of the SIW multiverse including a TV Championship defense by Bull Shannon!

JJ Dillon speaks with Ray Stanz about the War Games main event.

8-Woman Over The Top or Tap Battle Royal: Winner faces Charlotte Flair for the SIW Women's World Championship next week!

Super Delfin vs Sami Zayn w/ ZAMAS

Bret Hart vs Masahiro Chono

Triple Threat Rematch:
Keith Lee vs Mike Awesome vs Max Moose

Big Detective Energy & Daniel Boone vs Station 51

SIW World Television Championship:
Captain Planet vs Bull Shannon (c)

ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman vs Former ECW Champion Atsushi Onita & Hayabusa

War Games: Horsemen vs Undisputed Era

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