The way they isolate a Virus may be fraudulent

2 years ago

This is what many doctors and scientists are saying - that the way they "isolate" a virus is fraudulent - if they use the 'method' of isolating the virus given - even without a 'virus' - it gives the same result. They "isolate" without any virus material. Let that sink in. There are documentaries going back decades saying the same thing - but I guess "science" cannot wrap their head around destroying the entire "virology" narrative - too many institutions and organizations and pharmaceutical drug dealers would lose their livelihoods and belief-systems.

So let's say this is true - what is making people sick other than fear, breathing in your own filth, toxic hand gel, poisoned water, poisoned food, toxic air, lack of vitamin D, lack of nutrients, stress, constant psychological warfare, separating you from loved ones, torturing your kids, removing your freedoms, treating you like animals?

What are they "testing" for in those PCR tests? What is really in the re-agents the labs get from NIH/CDC to 'calibrate' their diagnostic equipment?

So many questions - I have attempted to gather as much material as I can - and there are several lawsuits that call that into question - including a very large future submission that goes into greater depth to attempt to explain - but what we need is a live demonstration I think - from all the labs showing everything from what's in the 'reagents' and how the diagnostic equipment is exactly used - something that proves to us and the scientific community that this is indeed what is happening. It seems that none of the labs ever actually have a 'virus' when they setup their equipment - just the re-agents provided from the possibly corrupt NIH/CDC.

This video:
Dr Andrew Kaufman (USA)
Dr Stephan Lanka
Dr Sam Bailey (NZ)
Christine Massey, M.Sc (Canada)
Dr. Tom Cowan (USA)

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