BOOM! And DOUBLE BOOM! Molecular Biologist Speaks At Dawson Creek City Council Meeting. WoW!

Published October 2, 2021 4,419 Views

The Houndog
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This is Micro Biologist Gina Gold. Take a listen to what she has to say. 15% - 100% Mortality rate????? It`s worth the 10 minutes to watch.

Thank you so much to all my subscribers. I started this Channel to start a conversation about things that effect all of us. Why? Easy... because it effects all of us. We all have differences which is Great but it is the rules of Society that allow those differences to flourish. Things like Freedom to speak about important issues even if we disagree on what those issues are or how we solve them. That Foundational Right is at the core of building the kind of Society we all want to see. The antidote to bad ideas is more ideas!


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