The Coup - CCP “Are Inside the Gates”, 3707

2 years ago

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Good Saturday morning, I’m still reporting on the coup!

You may have noticed that I’ve been prefacing 95% of my reports for the last two years with a warning that a coup d’état was underway.

Now, our current condition in the United States is that the coup has occurred, yet no one in the media dares to mention it. So, we are currently being governed by a successful and unlawful coup d’état organized among the left-wing media – known as the MSM – the Democrat National Committee, elements of the Intelligence Community, and sadly and lastly the U.S. military brass or Dept. of Defense. All of these elements of U.S. power, are sadly now in the ultimate control, however of the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party.

And I’m speaking as a former DOD contractor in the IT division of OSD – the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Now, we have no hope of defeating this coup outside of the realization that – in the words of former Secretary of State and former head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo:
“They [The Chinese Communist Party or CCP] are now inside the gates.”

That means that the CCP is now sitting at the top of the U.S. military command structure, the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Presidency of the United States, and by the slimmest of margins, the U.S. House of Representatives.

The only thing that is saving us from this total CCP victory is a tie vote in the United States Senate.

In other words, we are hanging onto our freedom-loving country only by the slimmest of margins, and still survive to fight on only due to the strength of the foresight of the founders of U.S Constitution and the Republican form of democratic self-governance that it stands for.

I’ve seen this Chinese-led coup coming since my boss at the Pentagon warned me in 1985 that the CCP would attack the U.S. silently, using the new form of warfare called Low-Intensity Conflict – or LIC – that we are seeing today. This would be the ultimate test of whether our form of self-governance could effectively hold off such a silent attack by an inhuman, communist dictatorship.

But I saw the coup coming before anyone else – even my boss, known as the grandaddy of Special Operations Forces - when it first manifested itself during the Nixon administration in Oct. of 1972. That’s a longer story which has now disappeared from YouTube, as has all my previous work on this, the most important of present-day political and national security topics all of us should be focusing on.

I published my first book on Nixon Coup in 1990, entitled “New World Order, the Ancient Plan of Secret Societies”, published by the now defunct Huntington House of Lafayette, Louisiana. Although there were over 250,000 of these in print, I made little money on it when Huntington House went bankrupt. However, it still lives in perpetuity in the used book sections on Amazon or Ebay for around $10.

I produced my first documentary video on the debt money system aspect of this, entitled “The Money Masters” in 1996.
Four years later, I produced my second and award-winning documentary, “The Secret of Oz” in 2010, on the same debt-money system topic.
In 2004, I discovered YouTube, then subsequently published over 4,000 videos on over the last 16 years – still warning from the perspective of this oncoming CCP attack on the United States – until that all came to a crashing end on Sept. 1, 2021 when YouTube wiped my channel and it’s 4000+ videos from their platform for the sin of publishing the truth about COVID cures and vaxes.

That rehash of the past was for my own note taking as for yours, but it is still important to state my perspective for who have not followed me for that long since I have now lost touch with the bulk of my 177,000+ YouTube subscribers.

I would appreciate it very much if you, especially if you have a large social media following, could publish this video.

My current social media outlets are:

I’m still reporting from just outside the soon-to-be-restored citadel of world freedom. Good day.

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