Surgical, cloth and N95 masks are useless against COVID-19

Published October 2, 2021 745 Views

Rumble A surgical mask, also known as a face mask, is intended to be worn by health professionals during healthcare procedures. It is designed to prevent infections in patients & treating personnel by catching bacteria shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer's mouth & nose.

Dr. Fauci knows nothing about PPE. He is not a PPE or occupational safety and health expert as I am. I designed & developed entire degree programs and taught at the BS-PhD levels for three universities in occupational safety and health, health science, environmental science, and environmental engineering for three universities. I had 600 students the first year. May as well tape a Kleenex to your face.

I managed a 752-rail transit car asbestos abatement project for the NYC Transit Authority and the Chicago Transit Authority, and yes, this included all PPE equipment for 400 employees assigned to the project. I also taught OSHA and EPA Compliance at Corning Community College.

Besides, having a Ph.D. in Public Safety Education and a Masters in Environmental Science, I managed a CHIT Team that instructed the safe handling of chemical spills & major incidents for 45 fire departments on the safe handling of chemicals in two NY counties. I was a volunteer Fire Chief and Director of Safety and Health Education for the American Red Cross. Additionally, I have taught at the New York State Academy of Fire Science as well as OSHA and EPA Compliance at Corning Community College.

Have you ever seen ambient air and the dust and dirt that flies around in it? The ambient air in your car is not any cleaner than the air in your home. You know, why do you think you have to dust in your home. Now imagine that how much dust you're using is a saliva-soaked disposable mask that you think is cool to hang from your car rearview mirror then slap it back on your face the next time you need to have a mask on. It's called a disposable mask for a reason. Additionally, it doesn't stop COVID-19 or even the common cold.

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