Sadism towards migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border and Poland's political theater

Published October 2, 2021 94 Views

"On the barricades" — s02e55

You have most likely not heard about the humanitarian crisis on the borders of Belarus and Poland, as well as Belarus and Lithuania and Latvia. This is because, as soon as the news went viral, the Polish government declared a state of emergency along the border between the two countries, and the entire area was immediately cleared of all journalists and activists. This is what emergency laws permit. The migrants are trapped on a small sliver of no man's land between Poland and Belarus, with border guards and the military preventing them from crossing. Before the state of emergency was declared, activists and politicians were physically prevented from assisting them with water, food, and blankets. The Polish government's policy is to starve those people or let them die of hypothermia. And it began to happen. At least five people have died in the last few days.

Warsaw rushed to accuse Lukashenko of waging a hybrid war against Poland and the EU. There is little doubt that the Belarussian authorities are behind this, but no one is asking why they would do so or why this hybrid war is taking place.

Additionally, you'll learn about a pretty famous or rather infamous birthday party of a well-known Polish journalist that was leaked to the press. It's quite amazing what happened there.

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