1 year ago

Under the Wire-A Conversation with Jeremy Hammond, independent journalist

Jeremy Hammond is that rare creature, long thought to be extinct but seen here and there in the wild - an independent investigative journalist. His writings have received widespread praise whether his subject matter is political, economic or health-related.
For the last few years, he has written nearly exclusively about vaccination and his latest book, The War on Informed Consent, tells the story of an ethical and caring health professional, Dr Paul Thomas, who was deregistered because of the danger his information posed to mainstream medical and pharmaceutical interests.
You can find this book on the AVN's website at this link - https://tinyurl.com/2v7eutwk
Tonight, Jeremy Hammond will join us to discuss, Dr Paul, Dr James Lyons-Weiler who has been a guest on Under the Wire twice in the past and the way in which the current COVID situation is being used to take away our basic human rights.
You can join Jeremy's mailing list and find more of his writings on his website at https://www.jeremyrhammond.com/

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