Conversations with Claire 5: Susan Ashley on overcoming the AI black goo transhumanist agenda

2 years ago

This video should be watched in tandem with Harald Kautz Vella (black goo): Bear with it because it gives you all the answers and is very uplifting.

Susan Ashley is a spiritual consultant, author and healer. She studied 15 different modalities of healing, including psychotherapy, hypnosis and many forms of energy and soul healing.

Susan gives life path readings and is also a trance channel (which means a person who makes room for another soul to speak through them – Bashar and Abraham Hicks are trance channels). Kassandra speaks through Susan.

Susan has held women’s spiritual journeys, soul mate workshops and spiritual foundation workshops for the past 25 years. She has worked with leaders in many fields of vibrational healing. Surgeons, politicians and businesses, Sydney's philharmonic orchestra and world champion dancers have sought her guidance, knowledge and insight.

• My love is my strength
• My self-respect and courage are my protection
• My ability to heal is my empowerment

Susan's website:

My website is available at for more information on my work and the main channel on

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