Understand how you are made easier to control - Jason Christoff

2 years ago

Jason Christoff is a self-sabotage expert, who also runs an international self-sabotage coaching school. Jason discovered many years ago that manipulative psychology, behavior modification, brainwashing, mental conditioning, and mind control are continually weaponized against the public by media and government to make the public easier to control, govern, lie to, manipulate, coerce and steal from.

NewsVoice article: ...to be published Oct 1, 2021

Jason Christoff website: JChristoff.com

Jason's work is dedicated to exploring, discussing, exposing and offering solutions to these modalities of covert public control.

You can contact Jason directly at jason@freedomfromselfsabotage.com to inquire about his educational programs and school, which teach positive forms of brainwashing, so people can lead happier and more successful lives.

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