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Dr. Douglas Frank - Shocking Evidence of Phantom Voters

Dr. Douglas Frank - Shocking Evidence of Phantom Voters in Fayette, Spalding, Coweta, and Clayton Counties

Dr Douglas Frank is a patriot and philanthropist. He is a devoted husband and father, inventor, teacher, technologist, physicist, statistician, stateman and a man of faith.

He earned a Ph.D. in Surface Electroanalytical Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati. He holds patents on custom electronics and software inventions that are used widely as the industrial standards world-wide.

Dr Frank has cracked one of the major hacks of the 2020 elections. The other voter integrity solutions are the canvass, kinematic artifacts (all things paper), and technology (all things software and hardware.). His solution for integrity and transparency in 2022 is to “Vote Amish.”

This means secure paper ballots for voting.

Dr Frank is a regular guest on FrankSpeech.com, his election documentaries have been viewed by over 200 million people.

He has been traveling the country with other patriots like Seth Keshel, Professor David Clemons, and he was even a keynote speaker at a President Trump’s Save America Rally, where he now holds the record for the world’s largest math lesson. And amazingly, he makes it all fun and within the reach of all of us.

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