BABY AUDIO TAIP - AI Powered Tape Plugin

Published September 29, 2021 34 Views

Review and demo of BABY AUDIO TAIP, the new tape plugin created with artificial intelligence. VST, AU, AAX compatible.

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There are all kinds of tape machine style plugins around, and most of them are very good. But what sets TAIP apart is how it was made.

Instead of modeling components of a tape machine, Baby Audio used artificial intelligence to model WHAT a tape machine does to audio.

Tape machine plugins are used to impart an analogue feel to digital audio, to warm up a track, to saturate a track, or to even take a track into lo-fi heaven.

Tape also has a natural compression to it that just sounds good.

You can really use TAIP on anything. Make a snare bang, dirty up a bass, glue together drums, make a vocal pop through, add some warmth to stale loops, etc...

If you know how tape plugins work, you will be instantly at home with TAIP.
As usual, Baby Audio has made an attractive interface that is simple to use, and quick to figure out.

If you want to try a new kind of tape machine, check out TAIP.

0:00 – What Makes TAIP Different
1:08 – How To Use TAIP & Hear it
8:12 – TAIP on Bass
9:01 – TAIP on Drums
10:02 – TAIP on Vocals

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