Blindspot #011 —>> Why did the EU tell Russia, “Stay out - Africa is ours” <<—

Published September 29, 2021 40 Views

—>> Why did the EU tell Russia, “Stay out - Africa is ours” <<—

Is the pot not perhaps calling the kettle black?

Blindspot wants you to see the world others don’t.

While the tectonic plates of geopolitics have shifted dramatically in Eurasia, the Middle East, and North Africa, as a result of the disastrous US ceding of Afghanistan to Taliban control, after twenty years of shooting itself in the foot, more tension filled geopolitical stand-offs are populating blindspots across the African continent.

In Blindspot #009 we covered Turkish African policy gambits, exposing how Turkish drones, and Islamist insurgent guns flown in from Syria, are propping up Tripoli’s UN-backed ‘transitional regime.’

On 25 September, 2021, the following headline appears on RT - “Lavrov says EU foreign policy head told him to STAY OUT of ‘our’ Africa, as he denies Moscow’s role in mercenaries invited to Mali”. Headlines such as these obscure and obfuscate much more than what they ‘reveal.’

During the Cold War era in South Africa there was a joke about a ‘red’, or ‘a communist’, that can be kicked out from behind just about any ordinary suburban bush. Well, of course the Western oriented Apartheid regime fuelled the fires of anti-Soviet fear mongering.

During the term in office of former President Trump, world news headlines were more often than not occupied by headlines regarding supposed ‘Russian elections meddling, and digital influence peddling.’ The latter has, of course, never been proven. But, in the domains of digitospheric dictatorships and totalitarian virality, nothing has to be proven, AI thought police systems just have to control and ‘boost’ or sink relative visibility of certain bits and bytes of pre-manipulated counter-truths.

If a lie is repeated enough times close to eyeballs and eardrums close to you, the counter-truth might just end up sticking around as ‘truth’ like an unwelcome fart drumming it out on a hard church bench.

Why is this relevant for Blindspot? Because the headline quoted above, about the EU foreign policy chief stating that ‘Africa is ours,’ happens in the context of a new wave of fear mongering hitting headlines across Africa, and close to eyeballs close to you, about the Wagner Group (A Russian private military company), and it’s apparent nefarious intensions and impact in African environments.

Blindspot contends that the shifting geopolitical tectonic plates of the turbulent twenties will inevitably lead to increased friction between belligerent external powers intent on keeping control over their slice of the African political-economic market- and most critically, natural resource pie!

In this edition, Blindspot takes you beyond the headline of the EU foreign policy chief, and looks at the stark reality of foreign military involvement, interference, and destabilisation of African polities.

When the latter stories are told, said, and done, it will be clear that if the EU foreign policy chief warns Russia’s foreign minister that, Africa is ours - stay out, that this is a case of the pot most definitely calling the kettle black.

When one tallies the deployments of US, and French foreign forces on the African continent alone, being mindful of the persistently dreadful legacy of European colonialism ever present in the African macro political-economy, then the EU is evidently posturing with their Knights in shining armour, Bishops of global governance law, Queens of multinational corporate interests, and Castles made of mud, on the grand Chess board of Africa.

Blindspot’s warning is - beware of EU foreign policy boys crying wolf, and more importantly, watch out for more geopolitical bullying tactics and foreign military antics on the lucrative, and strategically critical African chess board!

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