FDA Vaccine Plot EXPOSED

2 years ago

Damning Revelations During an FDA Vaccine Advisory Hearing 09/17/2021

In an 8 hour hearing focused on vaccine booster shots, the FDA heard scathing testimony from front line doctors, virologists, and other scientists.

They describe a string of lies by the CDC, FDA and big pharma, the fiddling of data, bias in studies or lack of studies whatsoever, Pfizer gaming trials, regulatory misdirection, significant side effects, higher mortality rates from the gene therapy vaccines relative to the lives they reportedly save, weak evidence for gene therapy product efficacy, and more.

Without using the exact language, they outline an ADE scenario occurring in Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, where cases are at an all time high. Unvaccinated Uttar Pradesh, now declared COVID free, is mentioned as a contrasting success story and they recommend revisiting repurposed drugs i.e. "Ivermectin.”

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