Unchecked Power: Karen Fann's Backdoor Deal with The MCBOS

2 years ago

This Agreement is not a Win as reported. Here is the proof. No, we do not get the Splunk Logs in this signed Agreement between Karen Fann and Kory Langhoferof StateCraftLaw.com who has been doing his best, to water down the results of this audit and the MCBOS.

Here is a link to the Agreement for your reference:


No, we do not have a guarantee that our Auditors, Doug Logan and Ben Cotton will be able to review the data. We can NOT obtain copies of the data reviewed, nor can the Hickman lobbyist Shedegg's, hand picked, NDA protected technicians see the routers while they are connected to the Internet, just to name a few of the beauties in this Agreement.

This is not being reported anywhere else. Find out all the information here as Gail Golec, citizen jouranlist from AZ, shares her findings on what this Agreement really does and does not do.

There is a call to Action.

Contact AZ AG Brnovich and let him know that we want him to enforce the Subpoena based upon the 1487 Form Sonny Borrelli submitted to the Attorney Generals Office

The MCBOS must comply with the Subpoena or lose $700M. They are past the date in which the AG ordered them to compy by, which was 9/27/21

This can not stand. We can not allow the Legislators to dictate to the AG what laws they can and can not enforce.

This is clearly a law and it must be enforced by the AG.


We need to ensure that AZ AG Brnovich enforces the Subpoena despite President Fann's Agreement.

Contact AZ AG Brnovych:

We also need to ensure Governor Doug Ducey calls a special session of the legislature to revoke the electoral college votes.

Contact Governor Ducey:

Kory Langhofer needs to be fired. We can not continue to use this man going forward. Demand his resignation from this case.

Kory Langhofer
602.382.4078- office
602.571.4275- mobile

Thank you to Michael Considine for picking up a copy of the original signed document from the MCBOS at my request and filming and editing this video.

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