10/14/12 Have You Ever Done Anything Without Any Ego Gratification?

Published September 28, 2021 4 Views

Rumble People don't do things just out of the goodness of their hearts. Whether in anger or pride, their ego is involved in everything.

BOND Archive Sunday Service, October 14, 2012: Jesse Lee Peterson talks with the people about ulterior motives and feelings of pride that come with doing "good" things for others. The same applies when you get angry — anger is the ego seeking gratification.

0:00 Sun, Oct 14, 2012
0:52 Q: Ego gratification?
2:02 Politics
10:02 Black philanthropy
12:31 Look at yourself
13:06 Coach
17:18 Honest about self
20:44 Giveaway is mistake
24:38 Prevented a SIN
26:38 Age 4?
30:33 Angry at husband
36:32 Emotion
37:47 Think on these things
39:35 If you remember it
41:18 No pure intentions
45:45 Is it possible?
47:02 JLP story: Tell somebody
50:58 Don't need outer source
53:12 ("Drug call")
54:05 Realized about self
57:46 Waving to driver
1:00:19 Thank you!

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