Stop the Spending Bills

Published September 28, 2021 981 Views

We’ve discussed before the globalist plan to reset society post-COVID. We’ve covered the concept presented by World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab of resetting the entire global economy in order to better battle so called “climate change.” The entire scheme will move the world away from capitalism, the economic system that has lifted many millions out of poverty, and allowed many to accomplish the American dream, to socialism, the system that leads directly to communism that has a long track record of killing hundreds of millions.

This week, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is calling for a vote on Thursday on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending bill. As The New American reported, if passed, this bill could pave the way for a much larger spending bill. Each of these bills have very radical provisions. Combined, these bills construct a Trojan horse for Marxism, ushering in a large portion of the Great Reset.

We’ll look into these bills in today’s Analysis Behind the News, where we provide the perspective and the plan to save American liberty and independence.

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