The Psychology of an Ayurvedic Prepper | Ayurveda and Prepping

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The Psychology of an Ayurvedic Prepper | Ayurveda and Prepping

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and i know i'm just going to jump in on something that does give false security and that's alarm systems 
oh my goodness yes 
so during certain times say houses are being broken into on a block with everybody goes out and gets a security system they spend all of this money 
but let's look at how long it takes law enforcement on average to respond to a call of a burglary in progress of an alarm system burglary in progress it can be 10 minutes it could even be a little bit more it's usually not less on average so what can happen if it's 10 minutes that's a long time for a burglar to do a lot inside a home most burglars can get in and out very quickly and get what they want because they already know how to do that 
so for a lot less money and a lot real sense there's other things you can do crime prevention is huge for doing things 
through environmental design 
yes crime prevention through environmental design feng shui 
there's things that you can do to make your home a lot more secure i'm not saying don't buy an alarm system that's up to you but there's other things that can cost a dollar or two that will be a lot more secure for your home than spending all that on alarm system 
so there's a lot of things that can be done that are useless and then there's a lot of things that can be very inexpensive that are going to be able to give you real security 
exactly because based on what you said is you don't want to become complacent and that's what overdoing certain things not thinking them through gives you the false sense of security and then makes you complacent 
and also whatever you do you want it to be following the path of least harm for your environment and when we say environment we don't only mean nature we mean your community immediate community and at large 
and one and i'm going to go back into law enforcement one of the easiest ways to protect your home i know that one of the things that everybody thought protected their home is putting up a crime watch sign in the neighborhood that that was going to chase the bad guys away doesn't work 
in fact most bad guys know that a crime watch sign means that you're not doing anything it's like those signs on the road that says law enforcement is doing radar through blah that usually means there's no cops 
so a sign usually doesn't say anything but you can contact law enforcement and ask for the crime prevention unit and they'll come out and tell you all of these things that you can do for very inexpensively and they don't charge anything 
i know i did it in law enforcement i was a crime prevention officer for a while and we very rarely went to people's houses but when i got out of law enforcement i got hired by a private eye company and i got paid over a hundred dollars an hour to do the same thing that i was doing for free 
so you can do a lot of great things to protect your home and that's the first step i want to go to is protecting your home that is going to keep you protected keep you safe and cut down on the time the bad guy can get into the house 
because it's all about seconds it's not about minutes it's how many seconds can you keep yourself safe if something happens before the law enforcement gets there and that's what you're looking for is how long you can keep yourself safe and that's where a lot of things that crime prevention officers can do and you can do on your own 
there's books out there there's youtube's out there there's the youtubes are a little bit more scary but there are some that are very realistic things that you can do but buying a gun is not going to be one of them especially if you can't shoot somebody 
if you can't shoot somebody don't get a gun that's one of the first things i wanted to talk about is keeping your home safe and don't buy a gun what 540 percent increase in gun sales 
yeah at least 
and if you can't shoot somebody don't get one because all you're doing is wasting money giving yourself a false sense of security and you're not going to be able to use it anyways 
exactly that's the path of greatest harm for you and your environment 
and that was one of the big questions i always got asked and i actually that's one of the questions that we got asked that started us thinking about ayurvedic prepper is i keep being told to buy a gun what gun should i get what type of gun you should get 
but before we ask that question we have to ask or you have to ask can i kill someone deep down inside do you have what it takes to take someone's life if you don't then don't get a gun
absolutely that's exactly where the concept of negative visualization comes in visualize yourself having to shoot someone having to shoot the bad guy who's about to do who knows what can you do it can you see yourself doing it if you can't for whatever reason you are scared you are you don't want to take someone else's life no matter what you can't live with it then don't get a gun 
yes because all you're doing then is putting a gun out on the street you might be giving the bad guy a gun to kill you with one of the things that i always was taught in officer survival and we taught in officer survival 
because i taught that at the academy and stuff is there's always a gun any time you go to a scene because you're bringing it so if you can't deal with that you shouldn't have a gun so for a homeowner or in your car 
there's so many other things you can do you can escape you can set up a plan to get out there's there is so much more can be done you can make the house stronger you can do a little room that has solid walls in it because that's an area that you can hide for and it takes a long time for somebody to get into a safe house a safe room 
so there's a lot of different things that you can do that you don't have to worry about the pistol or which is a terrible self-defense gun home defense gun you don't have to worry about a semi-automatic rifle which is a terrible there's so many terrible things about having a gun for self-defense because like a nine millimeter pistol that can rip through a house and kill your neighbor so if you don't know how to shoot a gun 
or how to load the gun 
or how to load it or how to keep it working functionally properly there's you can kill someone else so if that is also in your mind what happens if you shoot at the bad guy you you say you can do it and if something happens and you're able to pull the trigger can you actually hit the bad guy or can you kill somebody in the other room 
so buying a pistol buying a rifle buying a shotgun those could be great for you but statistically they're terrible for most people and i'm not saying ban guns i'm not saying that at all especially from my background and i know you believe that also 
so we're not saying that but what we are saying is that if you can't pull the trigger a gun is not your first 
yeah a gun is not your first choice for home defense 
exactly it's it's like when we talk about yoga poses right we say what's the risk of injury versus the reward like if things were to go bad how bad could that be and that's exactly the negative visualization here if things were to go bad how bad would that be 
and we went to a gun range a couple weeks ago excellent excellent store but there were people in there buying pistols and they couldn't even load it they didn't even know how to put the bullets in properly because they're so afraid that something's going to come to their home that they're getting guns and that's creating false sense of security 
so there are other things you can do but buying a gun is probably not your best choice 
exactly having said that though if you've never used a gun before it doesn't mean you shouldn't look into it 
absolutely so it depends it's case by case 
yes and with that now i'm just going to jump into buy bullets 
yeah that’s actually 
and yeah and you're gonna say well why do i want to buy bullets if i don't have a gun and that's gonna go into what if the the system breaks and money's not worth what it was last year bullets are tradable 
so so having certain bullets you can trade that for food just don't trade to a guy that wants to shoot you for your food 
so so trading bullets those are certain things that are great to have 
yes and and don't advertise you have bullets because 
make sure you have a close-knit community that you can deal with that doesn't mean that the system is going to break this is ayurvedic prepping 
negative visualization 
so the concept is that i'm not saying have them because it's going to break i'm saying if you have them and it breaks then you have something that you can trade which then makes your life simpler because you are more at ease you're more at what did you call it earlier today when we talked you're more static or more 
you are more able to adapt to change easier 
yes -- yes 
so when something bad does happen you have things that you can change to and you're already prepared for it 
so having bullets not a lot i'm not saying go out and buy 500 rounds which i also think is a very stupid thing because on youtube on facebook everybody's saying buy hundreds of thousands of bullets you can't carry a hundred thousands of bullets if you have to leave your home 
you're never going to have to shoot a hundred thousand rounds you're not going to need to shoot a box of 50 this isn't that type of a world and if it is we're not going to be this this is going to be a major problem and this you won't even be listening to the podcast so 
but to have certain bullets for trade is a thing and having a knit community that you don't go out and say hey i got bullets that's not good also so but you will have people that you know that you can trade bullets for 
with -- with for food -- yeah 
because food is very important water is very important so there's things that you will always need to have no matter what the chaos is and having bullets is a great trading it's worth something if s*** hits the fan 
and so one of the things what type of bullet should get you buy bullets that are normal so maybe having some nine millimeters maybe having some 38s both for pistols those are the main two types of pistols out there i know there's a lot of other pistols gun owners i know but if you look at it nines and 38s are usually the main ones 
there's a whole bunch of other ones but nines and 38s are usually the main ones you see at least for me in law enforcement those were the two that i ran across as pistols the most 
as for shotgun rounds 12 gauge and 20 gauge are the main shotgun rounds and looking at bird buck and slug maybe having a little bit of each of those 
then next would be rifles because rifle for hunting so a 30-06 and a thirty thirty are really good also 
two two three 
two two threes are also a good round to have so and that would be it and maybe not even having all of those or just having a couple of each you can trade those for certain things 
and i hope i know i hate using the word hope but i hope that we would never have to do trade but wouldn't it be great if you have them and i know this is something that i've grown up by this went into my head a long long time ago and then we'll say bye bye is i’d rather be a warrior in the field meaning the where you're planting food so i'd rather be a warrior in the field than a farmer in a war

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