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Dr. Lee Merritt - Military Vaccine Injuries - Former Navy M.D. & Surgeon

Dr. Lee Merritt - Former Navy physician & surgeon
Website: https://drleemerritt.com/about-me

- In 2020 there were 20 COVID deaths in the entire military, all 4 branches

- Military highly vaccinated

- She mentions tumors but did not give numbers

- 48 leukaemia cases per year average historically for the military, but 229 this year so far (leukemia is a blood disease)

- 317 cases of Myocarditis VAERS TOTAL for the military in the last 31 years, but 1113 cases in 2021 so far

- Myocarditis has a 66 percent kill rate over 5 years of living with it (many threads about kids getting myocarditis but it is seldom mentioned that surviving the initial infection doesn't mean they are out of the woods. Their heart is damaged forever and within 5 years 2/3s of them will be dead.)

- HSV vaccine halted after 22 deaths

- H1N1 vaccine halted after 53 deaths

- COVID vaccine is killing 53 every day

White Coat Summit

Lee Merritt, MD - Speeches & Interviews

Forced mRNA Inoculations are a Massive Genocidal Crime Against Humanity - Interview with Dr. Lee Merritt

Sars-Cov-2 and The Rise of Medical Technocracy
Dismantling the Official Lies of the COVID Crisis
Lee Merritt, M.D. Speech at South Point
Everything about this was wrong from the beginning - errors of commission/omission, risk assessment, mask wearing, social distancing, preventative measures, not telling us things that we knew would be helpful, risk factors, use of lysosomotipic agents, outbreaks & cases, funding of viral research, benefits vs risks vs timing of quarantine, tests, testing, flu vaccine risk.
"I can give you the benefit of missing 1 or 2 things, but when you're wrong 100% of the time consistently - that's not by accident. They should've come up with something in our best interest if they really cared about our health."

Old video 2011 (relevant) Government over-regulation hurts patients.

Articles & Transcripts

The mRNA Vaccine is the Perfect Biological Weapon — Dr. Lee Merritt

I believe we’re at war, we’re in an unconventional, unrestricted war, the kind that the military Chinese generals talked about 30 years ago, and I’m not saying this is just coming from China but that’s the approximate militarization of this.

Your $69 billion vaccine industry goes to zero if you have an effective treatment for all these viral airborne diseases.

Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine Ivermectin.

They don’t want you to know because the $69 billion vaccine industry goes to zero. Even more than that if we are at bio warfare right now, as a part of this multi-dimensional warfare, if you have a treatment in your back pocket they cannot terrorize you with viruses. That’s important because the way they’ve made this experimental treatment, it’s not a vaccine but whatever this thing is, this RNA thing, it doesn’t prevent transmission by their own admission. Even if it did, it is created to act on the warhead part of this deal, the spike protein.

Read more: (Cannot find video for this transcript - please comment if you have a source)
Bio-warfare & Weaponization of Medicine Amid Covid

COVID-19 Vaccines: A “Cure” Worse Than the Disease?

Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 “vaccines” are experimental, employing a genetic technology never before used on humans. Ironically, many people who wouldn’t purchase the first edition of a new car model are lining up to take an injection they know nothing about, that has never successfully passed animal trials, that could never meet the required “safety level” for a “drug,” and that is unapproved for the prevention of COVID except as an emergency experiment. Legally, those who get the vaccine are unnamed participants in a Stage IV Food and Drug Administration (FDA) trial.

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