Published September 28, 2021 25 Views

The islamic extreminist terrorist actions where shoppers were stabbed at a New Lynn, Auckland supermarket seems to have just disappeared as if it had never happened. For the survivors I am sure they will be traumatized by this as will be the onlookers.

Going back to the terrorist attack in Christchurch 15th March 2019. New Zealand Police and NZ SIS admitted they were looking the other way, did not see this one coming.

Earlier this year I decided to research which way they were looking. I only had to search the Public New Zealand Police Website to find a list of designated Islamic Terrorists in New Zealand, plus those that exist globally. Tarrants name had been added to the list.

Before the terrorist attack in Christchurch the NZ Police and the SIS both reported that right wing extremism, white supremacy was not seen as a problem in New Zealand. They had no reason to investigate this.

Young Muslim's were advocated to represent the Muslim community to travel around New Zealand to talk about the terrorist attack. To return with a report as to how the government should act upon the one man Australian citizens terrorist attack. Out of this Andrew Little decided that Hate Speech laws needed to be addressed. He spoke of far right extremism, white supremacy and Islamophobia.

Those people who believe in Nationalism and Patriotism were to be character assassinated and targeted by the political police, fined and imprisoned.

There is more than to this than meets the eye. The United Nations has documented that Nationalism is a threat to Multilateralism. .

Nationalism, Patriotism has become the modern day terrorism.

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