1 year ago

Arise Homo Sapiens - A Discourse by Sacha Stone

This presentation is both provocative and challenging. It is provocative because it questions the source of some of our most cherished beliefs. It is challenging because, if we place it in the archives, it may appear that we agree with everything it contains – which, in some areas, is not the case. On the other hand, if we decline to place it in the archives, that could be seen as censoring ‘forbidden’ ideas – which would violate our belief that the best chance of finding truth exists when we have access to all points of view. There is much here that is very worthy of consideration. 2018 Sep 25 - Source: New Earth Project - https://youtu.be/5Q1IpAb8V1I

This video is archived here and at other sites to preserve access to it. However, preserved knowledge is useless without action. Join with others of like mind at Red Pill University to convert enlightenment into societal reform. Visit https://www.redpilluniversity.org/ and 'Take the Tour'.

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