Decentralizing Social Media (Tech of Decentralization week 3)

Published September 27, 2021 36 Views

Discussion with two technologists working on decentralized social media projects:
- Christian Gribneau, founder of and the Public Square Network, and contributor to the W3C DID:Web protocol
- Dmitri Zagidulin, lead developer on Tim Berners-Lee's SOLID project as well as the W3C DID:Web protocol

KSF President Larry Sanger also discusses the Minifeed social media plugin for WordPress.

We address five questions:
I. What’s the problem with social media?
II. Why not just let government regulate it?
III. What would a decentralized social media network be like—especially one that is peer to peer?
IV. Explain and demo the tools that we have built: Minifeed for the KSF, the Public Square Network for Ology, and SOLID for the Solid Community Group.
V. How to make the networks we are proposing totally interoperable.

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