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2 years ago

Dale is an Australian speaker whose relentless quest for truth has propelled him to reveal his captivating discoveries about the elusive global cult and its hidden agenda. Emerging from the shadows of years spent unraveling their sinister web, Dale has finally found his voice, driven by an unquenchable desire to expose their dark machinations to the world.

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I'm super excited to share with you my new 90-day Transformation Program!
The program is designed to help you unlock your full potential and achieve holistic mind, body, and soul transformation.
To learn more about the program and secure your spot, please visit https://adriandamico.lpages.co/free-coaching-call-with-adrian/

In this comprehensive program, I will be your dedicated guide and coach, providing valuable insights, support, and personalised strategies every step of the way. I believe that true transformation comes from addressing various aspects of our lives, and that's exactly what this program is all about.
Here's a glimpse into what the 90 Transformation Program includes:

1. Fortnightly One-on-One Coaching Sessions: I will be working closely with you, offering guidance, accountability, and tailored strategies to help you overcome challenges and maximise your progress.
2. 24-Hour Access to Me: I am committed to your success, which is why I will be available to answer your questions, provide feedback, and offer support whenever you need it. Your journey to transformation is important to me!
3. Holistic Approach: This program covers a wide range of areas crucial to your overall well-being. We will delve into health, nutrition, and exercise to optimize your physical vitality. Additionally, we will explore relationships, love languages, attachment styles, and childhood wounds to foster emotional growth and healing.
4. Unravelling and Healing Core Unconscious Programs: Together, we will identify and address deep-rooted beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back. By understanding and healing these core unconscious programs, you will be able to create lasting positive change.
5. Daily Plans, Goal Setting, and Visualisation Techniques: I will provide you with practical tools and techniques to help you establish effective daily routines, set achievable goals, and harness the power of visualisations to manifest your ideal relationships, career, business, health, and lifestyle.

6. Business, Career, and Social Media Marketing Strategies: In addition to personal growth, we will also focus on enhancing your professional life. I will share valuable insights and proven strategies to help you excel in your career, develop effective business strategies, and leverage the power of social media marketing to expand your reach and influence.
By combining all these elements, the 90-day Transformation Program offers a true holistic approach to personal growth and self-discovery. It is my goal to empower you to live your best life and realise your true potential.
Spaces in this exclusive program are limited, and the investment you will need to allow for this program is $2685. Payment plans are available, so if you're ready to embark on a transformative journey, I invite you to sign up today.

To learn more about the program and secure your spot, please visit https://adriandamico.lpages.co/free-coaching-call-with-adrian/

To recap, here's what you get:

- Personalised mentoring program (7 days a week access to me)
- Fortnightly Zoom calls
- Tailored nutrition and workout programs
- Overcoming money blocks
- Overcoming self-sabotage
- Emotional clearing and resilience techniques
- Career planning
- Business and social media marketing strategies
- Relationship Coaching
- Goal setting

Remember, transformation is within your reach, and I am here to guide you every step of the way. Together, let's unlock your full potential and create the life you deserve!
To learn more about the program and secure your spot, please visit https://adriandamico.lpages.co/free-coaching-call-with-adrian/
Adrian D'Amico
Personal Growth Coach

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