New Yorkers Rising Up as Mandatory COVID Shot Deadline Looms

2 years ago

Many New York City workers are facing a Monday (9/27/21) deadline to be "vaccinated" with a COVID-19 shot as a condition for employment.

A citywide "walk-out" has been in the plans for the past week on the same day, from 2-6 p.m. starting in Foley Square.

Known simply as "JoSpeaksTruth" on Telegram, this woman from the Dominican Republic fired up the crowds in NYC today, stating that:

"This is the worst psychological operation in history...

Another tactic that is used on the people is fear. A Stockhold Syndrome and cognitive dissonance. The government is abusing us.

I need people to realize this: we cannot no longer continue to go this way. Our jobs are on the line.

I personally, I don't care. Because I'd rather stand free, I'd rather eat food from the dumpster, than get injected with this bioweapon!

This is an assault on our humanity. And if we don't have control over what we put into our bodies, we're nothing but slaves and cattle."

Listen to her whole inspired speech on the streets of New York today.

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