EP 2627-8AM BREAKING: Maricopa Audit Report LEAKED! "55,000 Potentially Illegal Ballots"

Published September 25, 2021 612 Views

Rumble EP 2627-8AM BREAKING: Maricopa Audit Report LEAKED! "55,000 Potentially Illegal Ballots"  

Wendy Rogers confirms this is only a partial report. This report details the recount results but not the forensic examination of the ballots. Until we hear the full report tomorrow, we won’t know what Cyber Ninjas found.https://thepetesantillishow.com/archives/18843 

Special Guest: Artur Pawlowski is a Canadian who was born in Poland on March 28, 1973 in a city called Kożuchów. He grew up under a Communist regime seeing soldiers with machine guns and tanks on the streets as people rose up in 1981 to fight for their freedoms. Soon after, he watched the end of communism in Poland.  For his public preaching and ministering, he has faced constant harassment and persecution. He was first arrested for publicly reading from the Bible in a Calgary park in 2006, and since then has been arrested or had to turn himself in to the authorities nine times. Recently Pastor Pawlowski became an overnight social media sensation when he kicked Canadian government officials out of his church in defiance of coronavirus lockdown rules has been hit with a warrant for his arrest from a Calgary court. Court of Queen’s Bench Justice David Gates has given police the green light “to use such reasonable force as they deem appropriate to gain access” to Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s The Fortress (Cave) of Adullam church in Calgary, according to a court order.
https://www.streetchurch.ca/  https://youtube.com/channel/UCppnexVl511K6mFXnwyC_Jg https://m.facebook.com/ArturPawlowskifromCalgary
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