Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 200hr for $381.90 and 300hr for $488.90

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Rumble Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 200hr for $381.90 and 300hr for $488.90
Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Trainings (Yoga Alliance approved)

** For A Limited Time Only **

200-hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training for $381.90

300-hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training for $488.90

If you are already a YA RYT you can use both as CEUs for many many years to come.

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** Video Transcript **

as most of you have been seeing, we're doing a lot of videos on ayurvedic prepping because ayurveda is a very important part of our life and how we deal with our life

ayurveda is not what a lot of people see in today's world with a lot of herbs oils and turmeric it's a lot more than that it's about awareness

so what we're also going to be doing because we're talking so much about ayurveda and we teach yoga we're actually going to be giving a special on our 200-hour and our 300-hour teacher trainings

this special is not going to last long but it is going to happen so if you want to be a yoga teacher and you want to be yoga alliance certified now's the time to sign up for our teacher trainings

so our 200-hour is going to be less than $400 and our 300-hour is going to be less than $500 so for less than a thousand dollars you can get a full 500-hour teacher training but you have to sign up and get it going

with that our 200-hour when we go back to doing all in person is going to be around two thousand dollars so you can get that two thousand dollar course for less than four hundred dollars our 300-hour course is going to be over three thousand dollars and a lot of you know that because you've taken it

so our 300-hr is going to be less than $500 again for less than a thousand dollars you can become a 200-hour and a 300-hour certified teacher with yoga alliance so 500-hour with yoga alliance for less than a thousand dollars

also some of our continuing education that is part of the 200 and part of the 300 cost more than what you'll be paying for your 200 and 300 like if you wanted to be say breathwork certified our breathwork certification is close to our 200-hour certification and you get all the breath work in our 200

so if you're looking at doing continuing education also our 200 gives you 200 hours of continuing education that you can use with yoga alliance for basically the next 20 years

our 300 gives you 300 hours of continuing education that you can use with yoga alliance probably for the next 30 years even more

so all of this can be yours does that sound like a commercial well it is a commercial and you get to keep this stuff forever

so unlike in person training which we're going to be going back to you don't get to keep it forever you only get to keep it for a while but our online teacher training that is yoga alliance approved you will keep this information for the rest of your life so you can go back in 50 years from now and say what did they say about ayurveda and you got it because you'll keep it forever

thank you and our link is at for everything talk to you soon

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