Ohio Businesses: How to Survive Government Intrusion

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Ohio Businesses, A How To Survive Government Intrusion

I did this program with Ohio Businesses that were affected by the dictates of Governor DeWine. We went to the Planted Flag Brewing Company and interviewed the owner as well as a couple other business owners who are members of the Local Liberty Association.

I want to focus this program on what you can do to support Local Liberty minded businesses or if you are a Local Liberty Business then you should join this association.

First off, I want to thank Aaron and Karen Wirtz, the owners of Planted Flag Brewing for allowing us to do the program at their place of business. They are career Air Force Veterans who have put the stake in the ground to stand for liberty in their local community.

As we discuss Ohio Businesses, there is something that Aaron says that is the foundation to all that this program is about. As Aaron is describing the intrusions of government into small businesses he also defines why we have the Right to property, which is our businesses, that being ‘we are made in the image of God.’

Sadly the bureaucrats and politicians do not recognize what defines personal property in the way Aaron describes it....

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