Texas Protecting a Borderless America | Ep 513

Published September 22, 2021 326 Views

Rumble The Biden administration created another humanitarian crisis and this one is along the southern border. As Haitians continue to cross our border illegally, the Biden administration has failed to protect America. Even though the Biden administration has promised a “wide-scale expulsion,” the Texas Department of Public Safety has been working tirelessly to secure the border and protect the people of Texas from the smuggling of drugs, people, and weapons. Sara Gonzales, host of “The News and Why It Matters,” joins to bring the latest happenings on the border. Can a borderless America sustain its greatness? God bless Texas. When you say it enough times throughout the course of your adult life – if you’re not careful – you can start to lose a little bit of the feeling behind it. The great subset of American exceptionalism is, and has been for 176 years, Texan exceptionalism. Can America afford to lose Texas?

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