9/11 and the LIES we've been told about it!

Published September 22, 2021 188 Views

Rumble 9/11 was orchestrated by Evil men. Men within our own government, George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and Israeli Mossad!

Oftentimes we can spot the "Micro" LIES, but the MACRO LIE is much harder to accept because so much care has been given to programming you for a LIFETIME!

Your School was an indoctrination, your college, every day when you turn on the tube and watch their "programming"

You are being programmed to accept EVIL thinking it's normal and even good!

These evil people actually have set up our holidays to get us to "celebrate" Satan and his minions! The Statue of Liberty so many "Hold High" is actually a false idol, that you were warned about in the Bible!

Satanic forces have been at work for THOUSANDS OF YEARS to beguile you! God tells us in the Bible that Satan deceives!

You just never had any idea of how deceptive he is! The ONLY TRUTH that exists in this wicked world is that contained in your Bible!

The Word of God! Your church is likely a satanic temple teaching you to worship falsely and hold up false idols and graven images!

Look folks, get in your bible! Disregard the words of MEN! Even MINE!
SEEK JESUS and ask forgiveness of your sins, cleanse a lifetime of sin by asking Jesus to cleanse you of them! He ALONE holds the Key!

Then PRAISE GOD, The Almighty Creator of all things!
Because even Jesus got His divine powers from the Almighty God!

I've walked this Earth for 52 years now, and I was BLIND the entire time! I was beguiled by Satan and his minions! But upon hitting my knees and asking Jesus to forgive my sins, and beginning to walk by The Lord God's Commandments... My blindness was CURED!

I'll gladly testify that Jesus CAN HEAL THE BLIND! Because He healed my blindness! I now can see clearly!

This is a mirror from 911 No Planer TV 7 on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20ysIN9hUn0

@911NoPlaner on GAB https://gab.com/911NoPlaner

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There is more information which can be found at: https://www.winterwatch.net/2017/09/world-trade-centers-infamous-91st-floor-israeli-art-student-project/

This shows photos of "Israeli Art Students" doing work at the towers with Thermite fuses visible

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