Finding Freedom

2 years ago

Finding freedom

We all would love to have more money …

True or not?

The reality is that we live in such an abundant universe, money is singing out to us all day long, in the next room.
The trick is to line ourselves up with the energy and emotions of money before we can receive it.

It often means that we have to unplug ourselves from old money patterns of the past.

Past conditionings, habits, thoughts and daily rituals.

We all have past money stuff that keeps us in a holding pattern of pain and stuckness.

Sometimes we are addicted to a certain way of thinking, like worry and mistrust, and it is not that easy to break away from that.

We have to learn to play by the energetic rules that operate in our Universe.

Money is a very hot topic, it triggers something deep in people, and that is great, because now we can ‘catch’ these triggers, so we can transform them into empowering beliefs.

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