BLINDSPOT 010 - 22.9.21 - Posthuman Geopolitics & Drone Killstrikes

Published September 21, 2021 29 Views

Blindspot #010 - 22.9.21 —>> Phase 3 of World War III <<—

Posthuman Geopolitics & Drone Killshots

Blindspot wants you to see the world others don’t.

Blindspot zooms in on the the extraordinary changes unmanned weapons technologies have brought to public discourse, perception of war, the conduct of war, associated acts of gruesome murderous violence, as well as the extent to which unmanned weapons change geopolitical, strategic, military, intelligence, and security policy action-horizons of state actors. Blindspot argues that the implications of the latter can only be fully comprehended if underlying assumptions of posthumanism are exposed.

In order to eat a rather huge thematic elephant, edition #010 of Blindspot will take eyeballs close to you to see a world unhidden by any veil. Yet, while it lives out in the open - unmanned weapon system strikes emanate from an evolving global digital dictatorship that can dispatch death with the press of a convenient joystick button.

Blindspot argues that it is impossible to continue understanding contemporary conflicts, and implicitly geopolitics, without the introduction of the concept of the posthman into new lines of questioning on the Frankenstein machines proliferating on war fronts, and in countries close to eyeballs close to you.

Technologies of unmanned destruction are not just new ‘toys’ in the hands of armed forces. Note as well that the unmanned weapons race is not likely to be won by a rabbit, a tortoise, nor meat-instantiated humans.

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