Crested Hawk-Eagle Looking at the prey

Published September 21, 2021 45 Views

Crested Hawk-Eagle is a bird of prey in the family Oxyptrididae. The scientific name is Nisaetus cirrhatus.In the Indian subcontinent in India and Sri Lanka. It is found in southeastern Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines, along the southeastern border of the Himalayas.
60-72 cm long. The wingspan is 127-138 cm. Weight ranges from 1.2 kg to 1.9 kg. Brown on top. The underside of the flying wings and tail are white with stripes. There are black stripes on the neck. There are brown stripes on the chest. It is 15% smaller than a toad.
They prey on mammals, reptiles and birds. Prey waits on a high tree branch in the open near the forest. The prey coming out of the forest is caught with its claws and raised.The laying season is from December to April. The green is spread in a cage raised with stems in a high forest tree. Lays an egg white with a grayish tinge. The egg is unmarked. Occasionally there is a red mark on the flat surface.

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