Levin: The Democratic Party Is The Enemy Of The Declaration Of Independence

Published September 20, 2021 9,050 Views

Rumble Mark Levin: “This is a copy of the Communist Manifesto. This is a copy of the Declaration and the Constitution of the United States. This is beating this. The Democratic Party now there's the enemy of the Declaration of Independence, they never reference it. Why? Because the Declaration recognizes a circle of liberty around every single individual that is not to be molested or penetrated by government. Is that what you see happening today? The Constitution puts great limits on the central government. It creates the central government, is that what you're seeing today? It tries to protect the individual with the Bill of Rights. It tries to protect the states with enumerated powers that they grant to the national government. It's all turned upside down. That's because, ladies and gentlemen, this so-called progressive movement isn't progressive at all. It is an outgrowth of Marxism.”