09/19/21 How Did Mankind Come to Neglect the Interior and Focus on the Exterior?

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Rumble What is "abundant life"? Vaccine discrimination: Don't overreact! BQ: How did mankind come to neglect the interior and focus on the exterior?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 19, 2021: Jesus said he came that we might have an abundant life. // There's a battle between vaccinated and unvaccinated: But don't let anything be too important that you grow angry. Don't impose on private businesses. Stay still, and don't overreact. // Last week we talked about "cult leaders." Don't put anyone on a pedestal. //

Bible thumpers talk about dying, heaven, and hell. But the most important thing is living right today. // A lady asks the difference(s) between judging, discerning, and having no opinion. // Be born again: We've never had an opinion. We're either led by God or Satan. //

Biblical Question: How did mankind come to neglect the interior and focus on the exterior? Nowadays the world pushes teaching and education on children from a young age. This stifles the opportunity for discovery on your own. // New Biblical Question: Do you pray the prayer of the heart or of the head? //

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a job opening for the front office. You need to know accounting. Email bond@bondinfo.org //

0:00:00 Pre-church talk
0:01:23 Earwax
0:04:10 Q: Abundant Life?
0:07:15 Chinese Virus war
0:16:30 JLP: Nothing too important
0:22:34 JLP: Cult Leaders
0:27:18 Heaven/Hell vs Life
0:38:00 Judge vs Discern/No Opinion?
0:50:12 JLP: Be born again
0:58:25 Biblical Q: Exterior v Interior?
1:01:00 Shake during prayer: Herbs?
1:09:10 JLP: Too much teaching
1:15:00 Feedback: Education, reading
1:30:04 On-the-job, abundant life
1:39:23 Stay still: Don't freak out
1:43:16 New BQ: Prayer of head or heart?
1:46:05 Announcement / End

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